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Dreams talk, dreams show path, dreams are an easy guide to better and prosperous life… Unleash these dream secrets using your own dream guide – dreambook.

Analyzing or interpreting your dreams is one of the most powerful processes. It is somewhat like predicting the future, its accuracy level is as probable as future predictions but unlike fortune telling where there is a set method to calculate the motion of planets and heavenly bodies, which predict the future and the certainty that the future predicted by two different fortune tellers may be approximately same, there is no set procedure that could calculate the meaning of a dream with the possibility of two individuals deciphering the same meaning. This leads to ambiguous results, which in result can be questionable due to contradictions. People search for the meaning of their dreams so as to understand the way they behave and also to find answers to some of their dysfunctional issues. But due to the ambiguity in the predictions it leads to havoc as no method could make one assure of the correct and exact meaning of the dream. Even sometimes, these dream interpreters won’t even tell how they deduced the meaning of certain symbols in your dream. So the best possible method to interpret your dreams is to become your own dream teller. Different dreams have different effect on our minds. Some may attach so strongly to one’s consciousness that it may become impossible to push them out of head no matter how much one may try. Unlike these, some may forget these dreams before they get to pen and paper to write them down. Some people dream vaguely and may awake without any awareness of dreaming at all while some may retain every small detail and every aspect of their dreams. An urge to interpret these dreams come from strong emotions, a strong will. Dream interpretation; is it a science or an art? This is a very complicated question as these interpretations vary from studying the subject but mostly it seems to fall more into the category of an art.

Your Own Dream Book For Personal Dream Analysis

As said before, creating one’s own dream book is the best method to interpret dreams. So, if you are really interested in interpretation of dream meaning, create a dream book of your own self. It is easy to figure out pattern of dreams if you look at the dreams of your past few months or years. The dreams will start making sense once you start consciously remembering your dreams and spend some time pondering upon the dream process. The whole process of making a dream book, dream analisys and interpretations becomes easy if you take a notebook with you everywhere you go and jot every detail of dream that occurs to your mind during the course of the day. Eventually, this may lead to recollection of the whole dream. One of the other possible methods to understand your dream is to sneak in somebody else’s dream book. This has many advantages over restricting you interpretation to yourself like you may broaden your horizon of thoughts relating to the meaning of any particular dream. Some dreams may be horrific and could be predicted into another sequence of dangerous events without considering the fact that the dream may be result of a horror flick. So if one gets people alike dreaming about dangerous things may lead to some peace to otherwise afraid individual. Its best to see the patterns of dreams of others as it may lead to increased accuracy level as the scope of emotional aspect in very limited in interpreting somebody else’s dream. So, read other’s dream book.

Keeping a Dream Journal is important step to create your own Dream Book

Importance Of Dream Interpretation: Healthy Body, Mind And Soul

There are various benefits of understanding your dreams. Once you start accurately interpreting your dreams, it may prevent accidents and protect you from diseases. Also, it has power to cure physical as well as mental sickness. Therefore, dream knowledge guarantees physical and mental good health for the rest of your life. A proper understanding of the dreams may lead to curing people. When one is acquainted with the relation of their dreams with the real life incidents then he may try to avoid the undesirable events in his life. It also helps in acquiring an insight into other people’s world. This helps in better realization of the intentions of people and their motives behind their actions. So one may it may act as a tool to uncover the true face of people in his life. It may show up the hidden lies and actions. Once you learn the dream language and try and apply in your daily life on a regular basis, it may lead you to discover both the sides of your conscious mind. The human side has evolved during the evolution of man civilization but yet the wild side remains primitive. If one unconsciously gives in to the wild instinct it may pose threat to his as well to the sound life of others. This may lead to depression, stress, mental trauma and things alike. So as to avoid the violent tendencies of your life it is important to learn about the dream language. One must pay due heed to interpretation of dreams as it helps in suppressing the wild side of human conscious and helps in smooth continuation of human evolution as humans. If one properly and carefully applies the dream language, you will be surprised to see how these dreams may unfold various mysteries of life events. These dreams will speak volumes of the on goings in life and show you a series of messages. Through all this practice, you will realize how these dreams have an impact over your life and various events. Then you may easily avoid the craziness, undesirable actions and unhealthy life. Thus, Dream interpretation finds a way to healthy, happy and prosperous life. All who are in a need to become Super humans…. Keep dreaming!!


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44 Responses to Dream Book


    I had a dream that a certain store had a sale on a light blue flat shoe. The original price was $150.00 was marked down to $50.00 then the final price was $25.00. As I was about to try on the shoe I awaken from the dream.


    I dream that my father told us totake him to the doctor, right now. What is this. He died in 2002 at the age of 91

  • Barbara says:

    Not sure what it means I dreamt that I was walking with a woman I knew and we stopped by a gas station and I sat my purse on a rail and started walking again. I hadn’t gone to far when a man called out whose purse is this. Before I could walk over to retrieve it he took 10 dollars out of my purse which made me mad. I stated I was calling the police and started dialing the number and some young girl told me I couldn’t call them. I turned around to speak to her and notice the man who took my money was gone. Not sure what this is all about but, I didn’t know him or the young girl. The other lady stayed to see what I was going to do then I woke up.

  • yadira says:

    Im actually pregnant . 8 months. I had a dream that I gave birth to my baby but I had a c-section. Because I didn’t remember pushing or having pain. I just had her & that scare. Idk what could it mean

  • Kira says:

    My dreams have no series of events. I dream, but I’m never sure what the dreams are about. A dream I had the other night DID have a series of events, and it was so realistic that it scared me. My grandparents, my sister, and I were all in our living room. We somehow found out the ‘end’ was near. But it was a religious end. In the dream, I started freaking out, because I knew I was going to go to hell if I died. On a side note, I am not religious, and I am a 15 year old girl. Anyways, my Grandparents kept telling me nothing was going to happen. A little later, this large voice came up out of nowhere, and said something like ‘This is the re-living of Jesus Christ’. It was a woman’s voice. After that, the whole world went into a war zone. There were a certain amount of stages that you had to get through, and if you lived through them all, you got to meet Jesus. The first stage was a random shooting. In the dream, we all dropped to the ground. After that, the ‘war’ kept raging on. And the last thing I saw before I awoke, was me climbing in on my grandma’s side of my grandparents’ bed because I was scared. And after that, I woke up. It just seemed so real. It freaked me out. And this wasn’t the first time I had a dream about the end of the world. I’ve had one about asteroids destroying the earth before.

  • Janice says:

    I personally keep a dream diary at my bedside and am always analyzing my dreams…

  • Jessie says:

    Just a few months ago, I had this strange dream that now a days makes no sense to me. I would see myself walking out of some house, and a car would park right next me no matter where in went. I once decided to get in the car and it just so happens, that I would see myself in the car and at some point the car would fall into this dead end Rode and I would be drowning in this lake. I kept dreaming about this very odd dream for a while, it left as if the more I ignored it the worse it got. Some unfamiliar things would happen every time I thought about it, what does this dream mean?.

  • Alton says:

    WΟW juѕt what I was lоoking fог.
    Camе here by searching for ԁream bοok

  • mary lintroth says:

    I dream every night, is it common to have friends in dreamland that I don’t know in awake life? I also visit places that are not a part of my awake world. I see these friends an visit those places over and over again!


  • mary lintroth says:

    When I dream the common dream of falling, I would wake up before I hit the bottom. Now I dream of falling and instead of waking up l slow down and bounce back up then wake up. What could it mean?

  • freeman saissor says:

    I had a dream that i was in the stadium watching my country playing a football world cup match with another country. My country won the match 3-0 to qualify to the quater final of the world cup series. After the match i was jubilating bcoz my country won the match. As i was happy, a friend of my came and told me that Brazil is going to beat my country in the next match and i told him that is not the major issue but am glad because this is the first time my country has qualified to quater final in world cup series. The rest of my friends later came and we were walking to leave the stadium and will started praising my country for the defeat and my friends started exchanging their contact phone number with me as we were walking out of the stadium. That was how i woke up from the dream. Can someone tell me the meaning of this dream?

  • shawndrell says:

    I had a dream about a little girl who was about a year old. She was came and sat on my lap and was smoking a cigarette, then she asked me what my name was and I told her. I asked hers and she said it was Nikki. Then I woke up. Do u know what it means?

  • ACE says:


  • Jamileth says:

    Hi every in my family is dream with a baby girl.once. my uncle. Graandmother,my mother and me.my dream was it look like we wherein a journey.where there the beach. And she left her stranded

  • rosie says:

    I has a dream of seeing a rat with big ears that can fly, what does this mean, has serveral dream with rats.

  • last night i dreampt of flying paper

  • Zahra says:

    I had a dream a boy riding a bike fastly and dashing on the wall and fell into gutter. wt is d meaning plz clear me..

  • Onwuka tochi says:

    I dream were i was in a airoplane and the plane took off a little high, and all of a sudden d under of the plane open and i fail off and landed on something like a laptop and it landed me on safe grand without injury. I woke up

  • Michelle Scofield says:

    i keep having a dream that some plz are waiting for me to in back to sleep. Looking over my shoulder tape recording my every breath. Now this has been going on for sometime and i am starting to get freaked out.

  • Allie Grant says:

    Okay, I’ve been having VERY vivid dreams every night. So vivid, I wake up & think I’m at a different place. I can’t even begin to tell you what I dream about b/c they change so rapidly. Last night, I do recall in all my dreams I could barely walk and kept collapsing to the ground. How much is a dream book & where could I purchase one?

  • Lisa says:

    I have dreams of aligators and it means something bad is going to happen. Never fails

  • elizabeth mcdonagh says:

    since being young i dream of the dead that i no like my cousin, aunts drandfather and other people i no that have passed. I will deam of them maybe every few weeks every night for a week then wont dream of them for a few weeks this is since im young please can you tell me what it means thank you

  • Alexandria says:

    I had a dream once where everything came to life but everything that had been alive before was dead including me.

  • Linda says:

    What does it mean to dream of a Gold Hummer?

  • roxanombajin says:

    it is a way of knowing our personal capabilities, to do the good things well and to change our mistakes from past. while it is also a guide to every one that has dream and have a vision of life, co’s its a book. or a saying from the words that we need to follow up, as human that wants life to live with the foolish world.

  • brandi says:

    about 2 years ago i started having these weird dreams i started to get worried when one came true i dreamed i was crossing a river when i got to the other side there was a house i walked into the house and there was i hall way with only one door at the end i went to the door and opened it it was a bathroom but there was only a bath tub i went up to the bath tub to find out there was a women inside with blood all over the place then she called my name i just stared i saw a gun behind her back then my dream ended 3 moths later my ant had shot herself in a bath tub at her house out of stress then i wounded if that dream was a warning but now i,m starting to have a new one but this time its about my mom i really need to know what my dreams mean please help

    • CORALINE JONES says:

      wow that just gave me goose bumps iam sorry bout ur aunt, I had a dream once that my grampa died n i wasnt able to see him, n i woke up crying, but he did end up dying n i was there, but what dream are you having of your mom?

  • Leslie says:

    I keep having nightmares/dreams of the world ending , i’ve dreamed about it around 7 times over and over again , what’s this supposed to mean ?!

  • Melissa says:

    What does it mean when you have the same dream as somebody else ?

  • ariela morales says:

    my husband was dreaming he wasdrinking my breast milk with cereal and crackers. he would just squeez it out from my breast with no problem. he liked it. im not pregnant. we have two children already.

  • jairo says:

    i keep dreaming of a guy shaped thing that has the same shap as my birthmark on my hand that looks like a mad face. he keeps popin up every night not one night that i cant sleep without this thing going in my head ether his killing ppl animal shape of fire water on cars walls. i even see him in the day time but i dont freakout wierd thing is that at day i see it on stuff it doesnt go away if i move double look only wen i tell someone to see it. dogs start barkin outside everytime i see it or dream it. if anyone can help or have ideas please send email. ps. dream journals, dream catchers, herb smoke ladys, priests, dont work. palm readers cus at me and tell me to go away wen they see my birthmark on my palm. help me ppl

    • CORALINE JONES says:

      really? hats really crazy seems like an evil spirit or something, does it have a bad prssence? n do they tell u y they cus at u?
      look up myths n stuff bout birthmark on ur hand

  • Kee Kee says:

    What does it mean to dream about snake?

    • Stacy Princess Estwick says:

      I think that when u dream of a snake it’s simply means that u have an enemy near by.

  • Kayla says:

    I have been having dreams about my ex boyfriend. He hasn’t talked to me in 11months and I want to be part of his life again. I know I’m still in love with him but I don’t know what my dreams mean and I want to know.

  • Justin says:

    I had a dream that i was like 20 and married with a bunch of kids and they we so annoying! What is that supposed to mean i hope dont have a bunch of kids

  • David says:

    I had a dream that I was snowboarding through this little course,and Dora kept on popping up.What is that supposed to mean?I also had a dream that my library book kept on catching on fire.

  • Mr. Ambrose A Samson says:

    I need your help just do me that favour. I need the dream book seriously i will be very grateful if you assist me with a copy of a DREAM BOOK. I use to dream all kind of dream but the problem is i dont know the meaning and is giving me concern so please help me out. This is my postal address. To. Mr. Ambrose. A. Samson. P.O. BOX. 688. Ijebu-ode. Ogun state. Nigeria. I will be very grateful to see your reply.

    • michelle elliott says:

      i dreamed of one of my friends . on a life sport machine and i hate to go and see if it was him are not.

  • Annmarie Thompson says:

    I dream sometime three and four times in one night, i will really like to know what my dreams means they seem so real.i do need an interpreter. pls

  • Linda says:

    I keep a dream journal (dream diary) and dream book every day after sleeping. It is very helpful! Really, I start to remember my dreams much more better then before. So I strongly recommend to keep the dream book diary for everyone who want to know more about their dreams.

    • elizabeth cantor says:

      My mother die at dec2011,,, l want to have a dear with her, I have not had one, why

  • Dream interpretation Information says:

    here is an excellent source of information on dream interpretation