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Keeping a Dream Journal – Important Step To Create Your Own Dream Book

Making a dream journal (dream diary) is possibly an important step towards the creation of your dream book. It is not difficult to create a dream journal, neither it is time consuming but it requires some level of discipline on the part of the person making the dream journal as he is expected to not down the details of the dream as he remembers them during the next day. The basic advantage of a dream journal is that it helps in understand the dreams in a better way. Also helps in remembering the minute details of the dream, which helps in understanding the patterns in the dreams.

Dreams generally have a very short time period i.e. an individual tends to forget the dream as soon as he gets up. They fade away too easily and quickly. So one of the important ways to create a dream journal is to keep it along your bedside with a pen so that you may jot the important points of your dream as soon as you get up. Read these points once to yourself and add additional notes if required. These important points should be enough to run the dream again in your head. Also to avoid rushing to the light switch early morning, it’s better to have a table lamp in your reaches.

After completing the list of crucial points of your dream, if you have time write the whole dream or else leave it to some other time. But in this case then make sure that your list of points is enough to make your brain run through your dream. But if you are not able to recall your dreams later after reading these points, do not panic. It won’t create much problem as the crucial information about the dream is already collected in the form of points.

Also, as it is possible to forget the dreams, make a habit of writing down the points even if you get up in the middle of the night. Do not add in detailed description as it may create a problem in getting back to sleep again. Just jot down the points as quickly as possible and get back to sleep. It may sound difficult but once you are in a habit it won’t pose any problem in your sleeping again. You can easily go back to sleep if you haven’t troubled yourself too much. If sometimes you have problem with recalling your dream, you should start recalling the dream from the end and move in reverse order.

Apart from this, it is a good practice to put down the date and time of your dream. This can be very crucial information when you sit down to understand your dreams. Also sometimes, it may be helpful in relating your dreams and their patterns with the events of daily life. If you start to make out the pattern for some time and relate it with the events of the day then it may help you get a better hold of your dreams and emerge at conclusions from the dream patterns. Maintaining this kind of dream journal can be a powerful self-discovery tool.

Apart from the fact that sticking to it in the beginning can be a little difficult, as it may be a problem to start writing even in the middle of a night but once you get in to a routine it also helps setting an alarm few minutes prior to your general alarm as you need time to jot down the points and this in turn helps in avoiding the rush to get into your daily routine.

As the days will pass, the dream book will become your own help guide. Dream book will become a helping hand in understanding deeply and unmistakably the dreams and in turn the nature of events and behavior. When you are acquainted with translating dreams correctly and properly then you can interpret the dreams very quickly. Just the basic idea behind dream book is to get hold of your dream language.

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  • Heather says:

    “Dream Journal — Dream Book For Personal Dream Analysis” was indeed a very good post and thus I ended up being truly happy to locate the
    article. I appreciate it-Brandi

  • Janiesha says:

    I had a dream I gave birth to triplets prematurely and when I went to visit them at the hospital I couldnt find them and kept going in circles and than I wake up.

  • brandi says:

    i had a dream me my 2 little brothers my mom and me were in a air plan then the air plan crashed me and my 2 brothers were fine but we could not find my mom we went into the air plan to find she was one of the people that did not survive the crash then my brothers start to cry i hold them tight i set up camp taking care of my 2 little brothre by myself them my dream ended i need to know what my dream means please help

  • adrian says:

    i had a dream i was bitten by a puppy,what that it means..

  • Tanner says:

    I had a dream that a dog was waiting on my outside of my house and when i came outside it barked at me and i woke up

  • Tracy Flores says:

    I am so interested in all this dream stuff, keeping a dream journal and so on please email me all information that you can