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  • Bren says:

    I dreamnt that a gray cat was nibbling at my shoe that was on my feet.

  • Dorothea says:

    I dreamed of 3 boys two were my sons and one was a stranger. All 3 boys fall into a swimming pool and drowned. All 3 boys were pulled out my 2 sons were still aluve but barely the 3 boy did not look like he was alive. The people who pull them out if the pool put the 3 boy on the curb in the streets and put my 2 sons in a cold garage. When i found my sons there i was so angry i checked both boys and saw they needed immediate medical attention and was wonder why no one called an ambulance. My youngest so stomach looked swollen so i turned him over a pushed on it and sand and water came out of him after that i went looking for the person who left all 3 boys without providing medical intervention for all 3 boys.

  • Bernadette Robinson says:

    I had a dream about black bold letters it did not spell a word they are:( LUMNSC)

  • Renee says:

    Last night I dreamt of some one I like. We were at my house I had family over all the seats were taken except the seat next to me I sat down didn’t realize how close we were sitting. I had my legs up on him he was holding my hand he was also rubbing his soft cheek on me.then he kissed me real quick and Then he decided to lay on my lap.. Couple seconds later he disappeared..

  • Rina Salgado says:

    What does it mean when u dream that, your pregnant in your dream.

  • Fanie Makhanya says:

    I had a dream see many cows running inside the fenced area and i wanted to go out off that place , and one was inside the house where i was and hiding my self in .All this cows was bulls .

  • Karen Ross says:

    I had a dream for the last few night that I was in a shopping centre with my parents trying to by a pregnacy test without them know and when I finally got one I did the test and it came back positive, but then I’m doing the same thing over again and again and again

    • amber says:

      were you actually pregnant and nervous as to finding out and telling your family? or just out of nowhere your dream occurred with no reasoning?



  • K greenwood says:

    And a dream about a frog in a purse

  • janet moses says:


  • janet moses says:


  • anthony says:

    hi had a dream about a evil looking dog wen this dog open is mouth it open in 4 parts an it have tooth all over an he is walking back

  • Anita George says:

    I had this dream that am in the shower washing my hair and a big snake crawl into the tub and wrap itself around me

  • Echo says:

    I had a dream I turned into a guy and it was really weird because everyone was genderbent and then I ate some cake and then someone told me the cake is a lie and I was in Aperture Science and I was still a dude and then I woke up. I guess it was a bad idea to fall asleep eating cake and looking at pictures of Misha Collins or was it something else?

  • nora says:

    i went to visit a male friend that i had not seen since after the death of his wife.he took me to his flower garden and gave me three unusual stems of white flower and i left to go plant it and white part disappeared iin my hand then the guy said to me a particular lady say don’t forget her for a job then i saw people quarelling from afar and trying to put peace,then seeing school children in uniforms and i don’t know what this means

  • Bad Diva says:

    I had a dream that I had a wreck in a vehicle like a ford escape. I was on the passenger side

  • Jill says:

    I had a dream that my manager adn my coworker who dislike me very much were singing with beautiful voices

  • Stephanie says:

    I had a dream that i cheated on my boy friend with a guy named Cody what does this mean

  • Gisella says:

    Me and my bf broke up 2 months ago we stopped talking and i kept having dreams about us still being together. people tell me when you dream about someone its cause that person went to sleep thinking of you. is this true ? or what does this dream mean ?

  • Michael says:

    this few days,ive been dreaming about holiday

  • Roc says:

    I keep dreaming that I can fly, or that I can just jump higher. Sometimes I am been chased be something or somebody and I start flying to scape. And sometimes I’m just flying cause it feels nice. Help! This is happening more and more often. Thanks

  • annette says:

    my dream was about glass,every time a glass broke i was spitting glass out of my mouth .the color of the glass was white and clear glass the last one was a snow white clear bottle the bottle was sitting on something the bottle broke in half then i started spitting glass out of my mouth again.

  • Daisy says:

    i had a dream once about big feet, that i was layin in my bed and the door of my house was open ( truly a was lyin down with my door open) then that night in the dream there was saying that big feet was going to appear so all of us should be awear….even thou i wasnt afraid in my dream cause i was feel secure and in peace but my dream was so reall that when bigfeet went in to my house and was lookin he didnt find neither see no one like he only went in and went out at once but there were two of them and i wake up and then i went and shot my door and went back to sleep …

  • Dylan says:

    I had this one dream where I was in an apt and the living room wasn’t there but there were stacks of money there like 14000 each pile but it was late at night and the apt looked like a mental hospital and there was just a pantry and then a bunch of mirrors appears and then only but one disappears and then I started to get edgy in my dream and then I kept hearing voices and loud BANGS it was scaring me then the lights went off and there was this little girl standing in front of the mirror it was wearing all white even she was white and she was glowing but she had no eyes everything was white even the holes of here eyes but she didn’t have any and she was crying blood and she yelled at me in this demonic voice saying GET OUT NOW and then I kicked her and went into the mirror and the mirror shattered that’s when it did it again but this time it had a knife and then I went out the door flying and then I tried to get someone to grab my money but they never came back out and then I woke up wht does this mean?

  • Hope says:

    my ex keeps telling me he loves me and wants me back despite me telling him its over. the dreams are also happening to my friend whom he dated. except the ones she is having is him telling me he loves me and wants me back. why are we having them especially hers who is more detailed. she told me things that i did and the time of yr that no one but myself knew about. why is he always in it. ill start off dreaming bout something completley different and it always switches to him saying he is sorry and loves me

  • Arturo Banda says:

    I, had a dream about a turtle over and over on the same dream.I, had seen the house the house i was shown to paint some empty rooms that day that night i,had the dream of a fire place and the turtle was on top of the fire place army color.the next day i, walk into the house there was nothing no turtle no fire place now what does all this represents i’m sure it’s something.

  • Abigail brown says:

    I had a dream that my sister called me and told me my dad died which in real life he did he been gone for a couple of years I was cryin too hard I couldn’t catch my breath and when I woke up I was cryin for real what does that mean!777

  • chelsea m says:

    I had a dream well a nightmare acctualy it was about me n my mum we whent swimming at the swimming baths and me mum got out to talk to a woman who worked there when my sesion was over I whent to look for her and I found her dead in a cheast frezzer stareing staright at me I could see her blood in the ice and then the woman came in the room closed the door n tried to kill me so I stabbed her n after that I woke up any ideas what this is about as it has bugged me for years x

  • marie shalaine a. doctora says:

    In my dreams a I walked in the place.A forest place,theirs a bamboo trees and river.then I enter/going in under the bamboo trees I saw there a small house a “kobo house”/ “native house”..but I step up to the bigstone to get 1 small pice of bamboo I drop it down…then I step down. after this I brought it all its so heavy but I did brought it alland back home into my house..

  • jairo velazquez says:

    i keep having dreams of being locked up what does that mean

  • ana says:

    I had a dream that I was pregnant what does that mean?

  • Troubled says:

    I had a dream that I saw three small puppies dying after being run over by a car. I was distraught. There were possums and raccoons in the street, but they were playing dead. This was at night. Then I looked to the side and there were hundreds of golden retriever pups alive just staring at me through the darkness. I don’t know what that could mean.

  • Jamie says:

    In my dream I was walking and when I looked back there was mountains and over it ther were 100s of crows flying towards me. What could this mean?

  • tRACY BARDON says:

    I had a dream about the candy called certs , they were all over the place…

  • ms.ncg says:

    i been having dreams about a spider biting me 4 at least an month

  • Selene Balona says:

    I dream of a bus coming on the highway and all of a sudden the bus drop in a river……….I want to know which number play bus….

  • Jorden says:

    i haven’t had in a long time. The last one i can remember is that i was singing in front of a sold out crowd at a huge stadium with all my friends. Some of them were in the front row and the others were my band mates. The lyrics to the song sound so familiar but when i woke up and turned on my laptop to write them down i couldn’t remember any of them. I just had this weird feeling like i had just missed out on something amazing but at the same time experienced something would change my life. I’ve tried to remember that dream for nearly 4 years now but with no luck. It’s just a really foggy memory now.

  • shera ma Cacdac says:

    i had a dream that i was swimming in a pool with lots of people

  • Michelle Scofield says:

    i had a dream that their breske just waiting for me to in back to sleep. They start to whisper no she isnt asleep yet. They have recorders going like i am some subject they are studying. I am sacred to in back to sled. Someones me rest. Been a few nights

  • Duyle says:

    I had a dream where I was surrounded by barrels and then I was attacked by a giant white dog. I’m so confused some1 tell me what this mean please

  • Jasmine says:

    I keep having dreams that my boyfriend is dating another girl instead of me , what does this mean ?

  • Bianca says:

    Almost every month I have a dream about tornandos and I am always in the dream. My last one was with me and my family. We were in a house and was warned baout bad weather and I looked out the sliding door and about 2 miles out there it was. It didnt give me enough time to get my family to safety and one of my kids were sucked up from someone hand… I cant remember who, but these dreams are reaccurring at different places and it is really starting to get to me

  • Diana says:

    I think I had a dream.. ‘I think’ because I am not sure if I was asleep or was it just some kind of ‘trans’. I had a facial done this morning. Nice relaxing face massage, honey mask + steam. I don’t know when I flow away from that treatment room to different world.The world of my own mind. I had a flasback to time when I was pregnant with my only daughter. I wa lying on my bed in my partners arms. He was touching gently my belly, hands..and telling my stories about my our little baby. Later I could see my 4 years old daughter playing with me (she really is on that age now). I was playing with her, kissing her cheeks. She was holding pink flowers. Everything was beautiful, shine was shining, birds were singing.. Everything was so natural. Later on, I was on the seaside, the water was gently touching my feet… I could feel it but did not see my feet. Later on I was in a marvelous forest -light green coulours, loads of sunshine on the top of trees. I also was on the meadow.. I remember flying, clouds, light blue colour and…peas. That was a moment I knew there is no need to speak, ask questions…I knew everything. I was feeling everything. I think I was a wind. Then I saw her sitting on the midow.. My daughter. She was so pretty, calm, happy! She was wearing white simple dress, picking flowers.. I saw a sunshine on her face and suddenly realised that it was not a sunshine.. Her skin was glowing!! She was 17.. I realised she couldn’t see me.. Does it mean I am not there? Does it mean I died..??? She was alone there…happy but alone. Was it her who died? Why can’t we be together??? I couldn’t stop crying. Wanted to wipe my my face, but couldn’t move.. I was repeating that question over and over again: WHY I AM NOT THERE????
    After the ‘facial lady’ came back, I spoke to her about my ‘dream’. She explained me that I had a vision about harmony between a man, woman and a child. Everyone has his/her role.. There is a man caring of his women while she is pregnant, women rising a child and a child growing up and leaving a family nest. It means that I have to lern to let go… Some day I will have to let her go, live her own life.. I need to add that my relationship fell apart and my partner is moving out on my request soon. Do you think it has anythink to do with that????? Or did I or my daughter really die in that vision??

    Please, help….



  • catherine says:

    i had a dream that i was carried a 6month baby and all i saw that he hit him self on the nose after that happened they said he was lossing alot of blood and they show me a ex ray from sll his body and they said look he is lossing alot of blood he only has a lil bit of blood to servive.so on that piomnt the 6month old baby he was couphing alot and he died and i just say i u took this baby from me it was wired dream some one give me a answer.

  • Laura says:

    I’m 15 & I had a dream of this guy I used to talk ( thats in jail now in real life. ) he kissed me so much ..help 🙁

  • Tony says:

    I had a dream that my cousin who passed away almost a year ago was at my school and he got eaten by a shark and people were saying he liked sharks I was confused …What does that mean?

  • genesis says:

    i had a dream i went to the Agent Orange show,and it was in my elementarty auditorium,and i then it turn into wal mart?????

  • Kassandraaa says:

    I Have A Dream That My Boyfriend Went Over To My House For The First Time But Then Left ._.

  • Julez says:

    I’ve had a few dreams and woke up about 7 times between 2am to 7am. I dreamt that an ex friend who supposed to return my belongings did so but as there were so many things outside my flat, strangers ran off with some of my belongings. I also dreamt that a guy I fancied had an operation and after he got better he just ignored me after having a romantic meal. I can’t remember what the next 2 dreams were but I do recall feeling very unsettled with my personal life. It’s been troubling me a great deal.

  • Alexandria says:

    What does it mean when u have a dream about to boys that looked exactly the same but one had angel wings and the othe devil horns?

  • angela says:

    i had dream that my brother fell through ahole in the ground that tured out to be a tunnel, and at the end of the tunnel there was a approx.a year old infant in a fetal way.

  • Karissa Neal says:

    I’m keep having this dream where a lady yells at me when I talk and theres this umbrella that has to breath 🙁 someone please help me

  • Karissa Neal says:

    Brandi I had the same dream just with my grampa then a few months later he was found dead in his bath tud after that it was my brother so I made the dreams stop by washing my face every night and dreaming about happy things but don’t watch killing shows befor bed that’s how mine started. everything is going to be ok believe me 🙂

  • Bianca says:

    i had a dream about an owl just sitting and looking at me. what could that mean?

  • Luis says:

    I had a dream I was laying down with friends on a bed just laughing and talking. All of the sudden one of my friends said why is there a flower on the bed? And my body went into shock, I have had night terrors many years ago once an object that does not belong shows up in my dream, it was a pink or red orchid. But following that I knew I was in a nightmare but my body was frozen from sleep paralysis and my friend starting moving her head side to side snake like. I had to choke her instantly to get her to stop, I was trying to wake up but it took a long time and I was breathing irregularly. I finally woke up, any help on this?

  • Blake says:

    ive had a few messed up dreams lately, normally i dream about me dying, this is getting weird to type, but yes normally i can quite vividly remember someone putting a bag over my head and shooting me, there is no pain, just red, and i can still see whats going on, last night i had a dream where i went on a road trip with my friends, we came across this old creepy looking place, climbed in through the window and this guy tries to stick me with a knife, so i end up killing him, getting what we need to, and leaving, we end up going back there 2 more times for whatever reason i dont know, id like to know what these dreams mean, if you need any more infoormation, write me back and i will provide it, i am just very curious to see what these dreams mean,

    Another dream i had last night is me and my friends parked on the side of the road in pitch black conditions and a wolf appears, wolf is normally my fav animal, but it attacks me and we kill it

    And last week i was at my buddys shed when drugs were going around, i was sat in the drug dealers chair eating cheesies when we told me to move, i didnt see the big point so i moved, and when i moved i nundged him, i had this not right feeling and the way he was looking at me, so i made a run for the door, and i can remember getting shot, or a bullett grazing my neck, and its like i could feel the pain of this, as i got away, another one of my friends starts shooting at me, i run across a brook and i get home, please help me understand my dreams better and tell me what this all means

  • Whitney says:

    I had a dream the other night, in the dream i was half asleep and all of a sudden i started hearing many voices of a women that kept getting louder. Next thing i know i open my eyes and my room looks like a mirror image on how its set up in real life and instead of my tv being ontop of my dresser my aunt (who in real life is alive) is sitting criss cross ontop of the dresser but in this dream shes dead (like a spirit) out of no where she disappears and then my closet door slams open and i try to scream but no one could hear me. does anyone know what this could mean?

  • Steven says:

    I had a dream where i think it was the last day of school and these two kids wanted to fight me but i couldnt really makr out there faces but everyone was telling me to fight so i did and i beat both of them idk what tht meams because iv never been in a fight before but iv always wanted to learn how to fight likee MMA or Juijitsu and stuff like that

  • maria says:

    I had a dream that an older version of my crush was looking back at me as in trying to decide wether to talk to me or not .

  • maddison says:

    I had a dream that i was in a dark street standing out the front of a one roomed house with three men after me, i was looking out into the dark when i see the men running towards me, i start to hear this barking and it turns out im holding my boyfriends husky, she starts getting louder as the get closer and then they run away i walk into the house and there is a mirra, holding the dog i walked over to it i saw me holding this kid with brown hair i couldnt tell if it was a boy or girl or if i have ever seen the kid before, i have had this dream twice in one month what does it mean?

  • BARBARA says:

    I have had the same dream for as long as I can remember. I am somewhere anywhere with anybody, I turn around or walk away I can never find them again. Tell me what do this mean.

  • augusta says:

    Had a dream that felt like i was in a movie.
    Was watching myself in the dream and yet, watching my cousin and family we were all happy smiling and then the guy i like was there we were together he was holding my hand saying everthing was going to be okay. Then we saw the church burn fire everywhere i saw these eyes and suddenly everything changedddd. I couldn’t trust him.
    what does this dream meannn?!?!?!

  • nicholas says:

    i had a dream that i had magic and i had a dream that the world ended

  • Lisa says:

    i had a dream that i found my cat that has been lost for a little over 2 months now. what does that mean?

  • alex polo says:

    i been having dreams of a tornado storm….. its weird but its more weird for me because its been several dreams and its always the same dream…. what does that mean?

  • chris says:

    I was in my dream and i got killed and after I got shot I was looking at my dead body. I just want to Know is that something bad??

  • nicola says:

    hi i had this dream about a photo and in the photo was like a family but the man in the pic was my boyfriend holding a little baby with a women i dont know and never seen before the pic looked as if they was young like in there teens what do this mean please tell me as its really doing my head rite in now !!!!

  • jeff says:

    I have had several dreams of a woman with long flowing hair hovering over me

  • lolita says:

    i have a reoccurring night terror and last night it reached a peak. its a dream where i’m gettin chaced thro the woods and im all alone. up until last night i would wake up at a part when i tripped abd fell face first in the woods. but last night…i didnt. last night it was where the beast that had been chasing me caught me right after i tripped. it killed me and there was blood everywhere. i was bleeding out in the dream. my roommate woke me up after hearing two blood curdling screams. she came bursting into my room and woke me up. every night it seems to get worse and worse. i need an explanation! if u can help please comment!



  • lizzy says:

    i had a dream where i came off the bus from school and my sister had stayed home from school. there was a weird feeling in the air…i was lik wow something aint right. then i go inside and my family are being held captive by men w/ no faces and they had guns. another really weird part was my boyfriend was there. he was telling me it was ok and it would all b over soon. next thing ik we r all in a white room and my boyfriend was there holding me and we were dead…my boyfriend, my family, and me. i NEED an explanition please.

  • Stephers says:

    I always have a dream where im chased by a wizard and the stairs r decks of cards, and has more magicain like stuff, like its all magician-like. what does it mean.?? D: IM SO SCARED.! WHERES MY UNICORN AT WHEN I NEED HIM HES MY HOMIE.! D:> But I really do have that dream a lot.

  • freduardo says:

    i had a dream where i was kidnapped and brought to new york where my dad was working on a movie and i was kept in a room all by my self and was put on one of the big screens that r in the times square. it looked lik they were advritising for a new horror movie and thats all anyone thought except my family. they did all they could but it was too late when they got to me. this is a reoccoring nightmare and i wud lik to kno what it means…if anyone can tell me tht is

  • Marshall says:

    I dreamt last night that the moon glowed brighter and brighter, while growing bigger and bigger. It eventually looked like a second sun. All the while, I hear this angelic voice singing a song while the glow begins to blind me. Then the night sky turns a pale and ashy white. The moon now so big I can see the craters on its surface, I look around and see fire spreading all over the sky! At this point the angelic voice transitioned into a chaotic cinematic score. The sun had exploded, and the flames were so otherworldly it was as if God Himself had gone nuts and started playing with a flamethrower! I look to the left of the neighborhood street, and notice a wall of fire coming right for me. I start to run away, and notice a man urging me to get into the store building he was taking shelter in. We entered a safe, where 4 other people were hiding from the apocalyptic mayhem outside. I asked the man what was happening, and he said the earth’s orbit had collapsed, and that we were drifting closer and closer to the moon. He also told me why the sun exploded: the entire solar system was being “torn apart” by a black hole. The black hole was not visible, but thats what the man told me. The last thing I recall is the look of terror and worry on my face, before the scene went black and the climax of the music ends…and then I woke up.
    It was amazingly thrilling, and a major adrenaline rush! This felt like I was in a TV series, so it must be episodic. So how do I return to this “dream series”, to find out what happens next?

  • Alberto says:

    Also I had a dream that my children would not be judged by the color of their skin but by the quality of their selves

  • Alberto says:

    I had a dream that I was being chased by a black guy with super powers. No one could tell me what that means

  • mary says:

    I had a dream my boyfriends ex came up into a tree house with us and she got super close to his face and then started laughing and flirting with him and she said said those cards are still all over! I really need help please.

  • Jessie says:

    I dreamnt that i was carry the dead body of the Pope *Pope John Paul II* my dreams always tell me something i have a gift that whatever i dream about something it happens 99.9% of the time. I have dream books that help me interpret my dreams if i dont understand them but this Dream about me carrying the popes dead body in my arms has got me really confused I know it wants to tell me something but What?

  • Tammy says:

    Hi my name. Is Tammy. Pace and. I just. Had. A. Dream. About. means in. New Jersey. Being. Case. By some dogs please tell me what that means.

  • Raechel says:

    I have terrible nightmares about being trapped in a room with a psycho who won’t let me out; the odd thing with my nightmares is i usually know im dreaming and i try to wake myself up but I never can, which causes the feeling of anxiety in my dream. I also tend to have dreams about being followed by terrible entities such as ghosts. What do my dreams mean!?

  • justin says:

    in my dream i was in a house were there was a playful dog that i was with and it turned into a human and my girlfriend was outside with a friend that i am unsure of what does this mean

  • Monique says:

    Had a disturbing dream last week, a young man was hurt in his leg which was bleeding, while that was going on a dog (German Shepherd)was chasing a little girl. The dog was covered in blood then a larger German Shepherd showed up out of no where and the dog chasing the little child just went away. Phew, lol while both events was going on, a light pole snapped from a huge trailer tumbling towards a group of infants standing right beside a light pole it was heading right for them but crashed into the light pole they were standing beside! They were shielded by the pole they were beside then I woke up!!! Very disturbing!!!

  • Cinthya says:

    i had a dream that my mom died and i wouldn’t cry or nothing. what does that mean?

  • alfredo altnor says:

    i hade a dream that a crocodile was shasing my sister cousin and i

  • Anekwe E. Precious says:

    I had a dream steping on a human feaces what does that mean.

  • Courtney says:

    I had a dream about me getting married to someone and then my best friend cut his head of and put it in a blender with a wooly yellow hat … What does this mean??

  • dreams says:

    i have been having dreams that im sleeping with my bestfriend! what does this mean????

  • ??????? says:

    that i was worshiping until i was leaving but scorpions blocked me so i ran away in a motorcycle it changed into a car.

  • alberto camunas says:

    i had a dream that i was gonna go to jail for a homicide and they were gonna give me 25 years to life

  • Antonio says:

    I had a dream that I was holding down a really powerful and influential person. He was trying to get up because he thought I was weak, but when he could not get up. I said to him “I am stronger than you thought.” He just looked at me and said yes.

  • Trimeka Brown says:

    I had a dream of two electric snakes connected together…never touch me but I seen thm thn they dissapeared..

  • Shawntika Stennis says:

    My deceased husband tells me he is alive and we are still married

  • brionna says:

    i was walking a baby doll on a leash. and i was trying to walk across a street with a lot of traffic with the doll and a lizard jumped on the baby doll and i tried to shake the lizard off and the doll flew and the neck of the doll popped off and my grandmother placed the doll’s head back on

  • nariah says:

    I had a dream I got bit by a black widow but when I was holding the spider it became paper. ????

  • Ivana says:

    I dreamed a Pulled rickshaw, Some man was carrying me around in it? What does it mean? thank you

  • Jesus P says:

    I had a weird dream about a woman saying this phrase.. “The Kings are at war”
    what does that mean?

  • queengwen says:

    I dreamed I was preparing to get married. There was one man (he is dead) but I could see his face so very clear that was in the small room where I was getting dressed. The other man was my cousin. two of grandchildren were sitting in a church waiting. I didn’t see any other people. The minister from another church was helping me get dressed. She asked me to put my arm through the dress and move it so it could get bigger. When I was about to move my arm I woke up.

  • Zernona SNow says:

    I keep dreaming about this one man Lydell birch. Am na that keeps calling me and texting me then stops try to talk to me again. In my dream we were fighting and magic was present in the second dream. i met stars , famous ,singer, rappers and more and cinamin and magic with cinnamin and then first dream we were arguing and fighting with Lydell birch toe to toe just weird dreams . he wanted to talk in the drem buit afraid to . He tells people he don’t know me in real life and I know everything about him and have all his information

    • Zernona Snow says:

      well, I found what the dream meant. we agrued and no longer talk to each other. right now. it came true. i do not pratcie anything just pray and believe in God.

  • Kimberly Thomas says:

    I just had a dream today about winning the mass mega millions now I have also been praying for this for quite sometime but recently I’ve been preoccupied with trying to all of my doctors appointments in order because I’m trying to get a job and I don’t want anything to stand in way if I get one. So when I woke up this morning; I woke hearing them say on news that I had and the lottery I played didnn’t come out last night it only runs on tuesdays and wednsdays, fridays, and saturdays. So I thought how weird is that

  • connor says:

    I had a dream about the roads cracking and the world falling to pieces what does this mean?

  • Tana says:

    I had a dream I was being chased by a giant crab in brown loafers.

  • My Friend who is a daughter of a Pastor here in the Phillipines has the weirdest dream and she just shares this thing to me. At first she was at a room with her sister and her friend. Next thing she remember was she was at the terrace and i was there waiting!!She said I hold her hand and we lean on each others shoulders.She went into the kitchen and the next thing she noticed is that I’m already gone at the terrace….

    -what does her dream really mean? Please help.

  • andrew ali says:

    Hi susan, is not you, someone would try to wave hands to your Dad and he will reply him back. thanks.

  • Susan says:

    I had a dream were my father was attacking me and I stabbed him, it’s been bummin me out thinking about it. what would a dream like that mean?

  • Meli says:

    I had a dream about a place I recently went to with a friend and I saw all these people from school there and they were people I didn’t normally talk to. It was weird because they were all like being really nice to me and acting like we were really close. Haaaahahahhahaa it was a good dream though!!!!!(:

  • Natalie P. says:

    My dream was about me and loved ones were all in my house. We had to keep a look out for aliens, because they were going to attack the house. Once they did, we had to try and escape. It was alot scarier then it sounds.

  • damaris says:

    i had a dream that i was getting married with a guy whose not my type

  • Hollie says:

    i had a dream last night that my ex boyfriends brother lined up his child and my ex boyfriends child and shot them both in the head, i woke up crying and i dont understand it can someone enlighten me …

    • andrew ali says:

      Oh, the meaning of your deam. those children would live a happy life. and your cry in the dream, would be a joy in this life and, those children would always be with you. thanks.

  • ashley mcclure says:

    i had a dream that i was with my son and my sister come along and just threw my son across the garden for no reason and i go and pick him up his arm bones are sticking out it scared me that much i woke and sat with my boy cuddling him and wouldnt let go please tell me what it means im desperate

  • beth says:

    i had a dream that the world was going to end, into some huge tornado and everybody would die and get electricuted, and me and 3 of my friends were trapped in this house, and my boyfriend was trying to get me out but couldnt, what could this mean?

  • moromi says:

    i saw a flood in my dream. Please let me know the meaning.

  • nicole says:

    i had a dream that me and my grandmother were in a garden a cobra came from nowhere and bite my hand. what does that mean??

  • Wylene Darden says:

    I had a dream about someone styling my hair. Also a dream about babies.

  • tyrone earl says:

    i had a dream about iguanas chasin me an my daughter. what does it mean

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